Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Goodbye Blood Angels!

Well - Sorry folks - it has been a very long time since I updated my itty bitty blog!

Well quite a lot has happened! I have been the 5 nations event in Cork, Ireland. Had a great time!

Team Wales went unbeaten in the event. We drew 2 games (vs England and Ireland) we won on points but not enough to convert the draws into wins. we beat everyone else.

We did handicap ourselves a bit though. We decided not to take Space wolves or Guard and a few of us used armies that were not our regular bread and butter. It paid off to an extent. It would have been nice to have them in the end as the one thing we missed was a few really convincing wins. something which these 2 are well known for.

As for myself, being sick of playing with wolves (I am in a bit of a rut at the moment. everything always looks the same with wolf lists and I cant seem to find a perfect list) So I decided to take Blood angels RB spam with assault cannons.

It was basically a libby with fear of the dark and Shield.

5 RB's with meltagun +fist (for 3 of the Sgt's)
2 shooty shooty baals
1 flamer baal
2 auto/las preds.

The thinking was to be an uncomfortable list for an awful lot of opponents. No one really knew how effective it could be, there was always a bit of doubt. It was like saying 'im bringing this list. It might suck OR the dice could smile on me and I can hurt your <insert any vehicle/model/dood here> and laugh at you as a 'scoot and shoot'

It did work to an extent. I was put on as defence. Its an all round list that bleeds a few point here and there. its fast. it can shoot quite a few shots and is generally unpleasent ( at least in theory ). I played Eldar, Nids, CSM, SM and SM - I think my worst result was 14 - 6. (vs a very shooty SM list with buckets of las). I didnt fall beneath the threshold of 5 points which was a personal goal to aim for as a defender. I think I scored 47  points in the 5 games. not bad on defence.

The problem is that the list is soooo boring! this was the first time I used the 'real' list ( i had played vassal about 3 times prior and once or twice at my local club) It had scoring and movement but It just had no teeth! I was always a slave to rending or other people's armour saves. No one likes shooting at gaunts who have a 3+ cover save...

So I got the whole RB fast asscannon spam out of my system. Its a good list and it scares some other armies off but I dont think I will be championing it for someone to take at the ETC proper. Not even the GK S7 version will work. Its just not that reliable and as GK are not fast they will just get in each others way.

So I am coming back to the wolves! I have 2 new shiny Razorbacks as a work in progress. TLLC on both - as Neil from the 11thCo says. Las plas just is not reliable enough for AT.

So I will plug away at them wolvies and let you know how I get on.

I promise

Love you

No you hang up first.

no you...

No you..

No y.... O you've gone.