Saturday, 15 October 2011

This one goes out to Pat...

Why? you may ask? Well Pat has recently given me some internet abuse regarding 'pimping this blog in my sig' on the 11th company forums. so I guess I should let you guys know how I am getting along. 

Well - where can we start? What have I done in the last few months! Well Its going to have to be a quick skirting over of the details and then hit you with my new list in this new GK era. HERE GOES!

1 - European team championship - What a time was had by all (I am the Welsh Vice captain in 2011 and soon to be captain in 2012). We came 7th in the end and this was absolutely amazing! from 21st to 7th is one hell of an effort from the boys. You can hear how we got on by looking at the coverage 40KUK had in the ETC special episode . I had a blinder of an event if im honest. only lost once to the French captain. I should. would have won it but for the ref forced a turn 5 finish after my 5th turn movement phase. It was ironically the best game I played at the event. alas we ran out of time and Eldar did what they always do to deny me a win.

We came the top home nation tho! England came 8th and we went berzerk - one hell of a result!

Also I got to play Nick Rose in the singles event. We had a great game! I could not stop rolling 6's! he gave in I think turn 5 after the last of his termies got rended. It was a spanking! O the glory. I also got to play Jon willingham in the last game, another of the USA team. I won this one as well! Thats 3 - 0 for me vs the Americans!  Even with my silly TWC wolf army. Ya face states. ya face... Love all the team america guys tho. I have Nick's shirt in a frame at home. What a guy he is. Whoever says anything bad about Nick does not know the guy. I have to confess I have a man-crush on him. he is so affable and laid back and most importantly a great player in every way. A true Gent!

2. well - nothing really - been a bit 40k light at the moment! my local club (OGC) are in the middle of the final to end all finals! Me vs Berty Bassett! this is the second year in a row we have played in the final so we wanted to make it a special one. We play 3 games using. 1 game the club votes on (tau on tau which I won). 1 game we choose each others army (I got BT and he used Guard to stop him from using them in the last game if it went that far) But Bert won that one in the last turn. Turn 6 it would have been all over!
The last game is next week. We choose our own armies now and its Pitched battle/KP. Some list shenanigans should be in play :-P

3. Looks like Im going to write for Bols soon too! Nick asked me to contribute something and we are in the pipline for some wolfy European goodness. Cant wait.

4 - my new list  - after the TWC swansong at the ETC its time I went a different route. This is the future for the time being.

1750 Pts - Space Wolves Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1750

HQ: Rune Priest in Power Armour (1#, 115 pts)
   1 Rune Priest in Power Armour, 115 pts = (base cost 100 + Melta Bombs 5) + Chooser of the Slain 10

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (9#, 175 pts)
   8 Grey Hunters Pack, 135 pts = 8 * 15 (base cost 15) + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5
      1 Rhino, 40 pts = (base cost 35 + Dozer Blade 5)

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (9#, 170 pts)
   8 Grey Hunters Pack, 135 pts = 8 * 15 (base cost 15) + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5
      1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (9#, 170 pts)
   8 Grey Hunters Pack, 135 pts = 8 * 15 (base cost 15) + Wolf Standard 10 + Meltagun 5
      1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (5#, 75 pts)
   5 Grey Hunters Pack, 75 pts = 5 * 15

Troops: Grey Hunters Pack (5#, 75 pts)
   5 Grey Hunters Pack, 75 pts = 5 * 15

Elite: Wolf Guard Pack (5#, 215 pts)
   1 Wolf Guard Pack, 0 pts
      5 Wolf Guard in Power Armour, 215 pts = 5 * 43 (base cost 18 + Combi-Meltagun x1 5 + Power Fist x1 20)

Elite: Wolf Scouts Pack (5#, 110 pts)
   5 Wolf Scouts Pack, 110 pts = 5 * 20 (base cost 15 + Melta Bombs 5) + Meltagun 10

Elite: Wolf Scouts Pack (5#, 110 pts)
   5 Wolf Scouts Pack, 110 pts = 5 * 20 (base cost 15 + Melta Bombs 5) + Meltagun 10

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack (6#, 190 pts)
   4 Long Fangs Pack, 100 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Missile Launcher x4 40
      1 Squad Leader, 15 pts
      1 Razorback, 75 pts = (base cost 40) + Lascannon and TL Plasmagun 35

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack (6#, 190 pts)
   4 Long Fangs Pack, 100 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Missile Launcher x4 40
      1 Squad Leader, 15 pts
      1 Razorback, 75 pts = (base cost 40) + Lascannon and TL Plasmagun 35

Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack (6#, 155 pts)
   4 Long Fangs Pack, 100 pts = 4 * 15 (base cost 15) + Missile Launcher x4 40
      1 Squad Leader, 15 pts
      1 Razorback, 40 pts

1750 on the nose!

cant wait to try it out! Its all fairly obvious and I think it gives me a chance in the current climate.

we will see.

Any ways - PAT - This one was for you

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Goodbye Blood Angels!

Well - Sorry folks - it has been a very long time since I updated my itty bitty blog!

Well quite a lot has happened! I have been the 5 nations event in Cork, Ireland. Had a great time!

Team Wales went unbeaten in the event. We drew 2 games (vs England and Ireland) we won on points but not enough to convert the draws into wins. we beat everyone else.

We did handicap ourselves a bit though. We decided not to take Space wolves or Guard and a few of us used armies that were not our regular bread and butter. It paid off to an extent. It would have been nice to have them in the end as the one thing we missed was a few really convincing wins. something which these 2 are well known for.

As for myself, being sick of playing with wolves (I am in a bit of a rut at the moment. everything always looks the same with wolf lists and I cant seem to find a perfect list) So I decided to take Blood angels RB spam with assault cannons.

It was basically a libby with fear of the dark and Shield.

5 RB's with meltagun +fist (for 3 of the Sgt's)
2 shooty shooty baals
1 flamer baal
2 auto/las preds.

The thinking was to be an uncomfortable list for an awful lot of opponents. No one really knew how effective it could be, there was always a bit of doubt. It was like saying 'im bringing this list. It might suck OR the dice could smile on me and I can hurt your <insert any vehicle/model/dood here> and laugh at you as a 'scoot and shoot'

It did work to an extent. I was put on as defence. Its an all round list that bleeds a few point here and there. its fast. it can shoot quite a few shots and is generally unpleasent ( at least in theory ). I played Eldar, Nids, CSM, SM and SM - I think my worst result was 14 - 6. (vs a very shooty SM list with buckets of las). I didnt fall beneath the threshold of 5 points which was a personal goal to aim for as a defender. I think I scored 47  points in the 5 games. not bad on defence.

The problem is that the list is soooo boring! this was the first time I used the 'real' list ( i had played vassal about 3 times prior and once or twice at my local club) It had scoring and movement but It just had no teeth! I was always a slave to rending or other people's armour saves. No one likes shooting at gaunts who have a 3+ cover save...

So I got the whole RB fast asscannon spam out of my system. Its a good list and it scares some other armies off but I dont think I will be championing it for someone to take at the ETC proper. Not even the GK S7 version will work. Its just not that reliable and as GK are not fast they will just get in each others way.

So I am coming back to the wolves! I have 2 new shiny Razorbacks as a work in progress. TLLC on both - as Neil from the 11thCo says. Las plas just is not reliable enough for AT.

So I will plug away at them wolvies and let you know how I get on.

I promise

Love you

No you hang up first.

no you...

No you..

No y.... O you've gone.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Next Army - what should I choose?

Well - the wolves are finally losing some of my initial love. Sure, they are super bad ass awesome. The rules and the models are top notch but I think that its time I move onto thinking about a new army.

Now Along with the space wolves army I also have quite a substantial Ork army and an Emperor's Children Chaos space marines army. Both of these armies were really made with 4th ed and new 5th ed idea's that dont really work out brilliantly in the game today. Water under the bridge really.

I used to play Guard back in 4th ed (They were the first army I used/played after getting back into the hobby via Mr Abnett's work) They were sold on Ebay for a reasonable price. Then back before my 4 year hiatus from 40k I used to play with craftworld Eldar. This was my first real army and it was good! Banshee's, scorpions, jetbikes, war walkers and a seer council (plus some dark reapers - I think Maugan Ra is repsonsible for me actually playing the game in the first place - that model looked amazing).

But I digress. What should I do next? Maybe I should increase my Wolf army with the intention to play 'counts as' and use it with the BA codex - The idea of a razorback army is appealing to me. Lots of Assault cannons. LOTS of them. Would it work? sure! Would it be the best? probably not... Im sure it would be fun tho.

I also miss playing with the Space marines - I toyed with them for a while but never really had as much fun as I should have. Things move on tho and those TH/SS termies do look the bollocks. I bloody hate these guys. I would instantly want 10. probably twice. If only the troops were even half way to decent. Tac marines and scouts are just laughable.

I would normally do the next codex (like I did with wolves) but they seem to be coming thick and fast these days (well, for GW anyway) So I might not bother with the Grey Knights. I would like to do Tau but I think that ship has sailed (commies...) Maybe wait til the end of the year and do Necrons - I imagine they will be the Shit in the new edition.

I can only think of one army that interests me at the moment - That army is Eldar. They are over costed and specialist - something which are handicaps (for me at least) when looking at my previous armies (yes, Noise marines cost too much!).

I have always loved the pointy eared gits.I hate playing against them even now. Maybe they should be the next army.

Anyone think of anything to dissuade me?

O yea and I promise that next post will be more humour based - this is just too dry!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cut & Thrust Game 3

Well Game 3! The last game of the event and I am on the top table playing a Foot marine list with Marneus Calgar leading it. The game was Annihilation and the deployment was quarters.

He had:
Calgar in Termie armour
Libby in Termie armour with SS
5 TH/SS termies

1 las dread
1 plascannon vennie dread
3 x 10 tac squads with various las and plas combo's.
10 assault marines with 3 plas pistols and sgt with a fist

So as you can imagine I am salivating at the prospect!

So he put me in the corner (no Patrick Swayze to save me this time). It was a terri-bad corner - a few bits of hill and 2 pieces of low level ruins.

He set up in his corner and the assault squad was right in on the line. Termies in the middle with some dreads around them.

I was stuck between schools of thought. Castle up and use my shooting (much better than his but he has no mech!) or try to get the charge with the TWC as soon as possible whilst trying to avoid Calgar and friends.

I opted for the first option - So I stuck a fang squad up on the line, in a bit of cover. Hopefully his assault squad would charge or try to charge them and then I can utilise the 12 inch TWC charge - then off to his squishy tac marines behind them!

So he killed a TWC model with Calgar's template (damn) his shooting killed 1 rhino and immobilised another one. Oh and the Razorback got stunned.  Everything went his way in that first turn. He got the charge with his Assault marines - turns out that the shortest distance is 16.4 inches not 18. Either way he needed a 6 to get into the cover and got it. Then he killed ALL my fangs... Could not believe it. He then consolidated 3 inches  away to get away from the TWC.

My turn - I managed to kill nothing at all. I think I stunned both dreadies. The priest didnt get his powers off and the twc rolled a 1 for a run! leaving them 9 inches away from his assault marines! I roll to charge. I roll double 4. Im in the open and so are his assault marines. SHIT!

He then multi charges both my other fang squads! passing all his DT tests. they both get wiped. He kills a few more GH's and leaves me with a big problem. The only thing in range of the TWC is the death star. The GH can sort out the assault squad (who killed all 3 fang squads for the loss of 2 assault marines!) Time to man up and charge them - At this point I figured that I had fluffed it yet again. His dice were golden - mine were poor when it mattered.

The big fight in the centre lasted for 4 turns with the libby and calgar leaving it victorious on 1 wound each. Everything else got shot and killed. scouts turned up on turn 5 and failed to charge the tac squad at the back (3 3's for terrain charge!) they then got killed by - (sigh) rapid firing marines...

The game went to turn 7 and he ended up tabling me! The indignity.

Would I have done it differently? Probably not. The TWC if they had the charge would have been awesome. They would have basically eaten a squad a turn for 4 turns if they hadn't rolled that 1 for the run. Never mind. The dice were hot on his side and not so hot for me. I gambled and it didn't pay off.

Well that's the end of the bat - reps.

More incoherent bollocks on the way :-D


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cut & Thrust Game 2

So - as expected I get to play someone who I know on this glorious Sunday. His Name is Dave and he recently lost the title 'Super Dave' to be just known as simply 'Dave' (well he was called the 'gamer previously known as Super Dave' but it didnt stick for some unknown reason).

Anyways. As the Picture suggests - One space wolf army gets F**ked by the other one. Listen closer my friends and I will tell you a tale of glory. Well actually... I will tell you this. Game was Dawn of War/3 objectives (1 on one side of the board 2 in the middle). I won the roll off.

What, do you want me to spell it out for you?

Ok here goes (jeez you SO demanding!)

He had (I think, sorry dave...)
TWC lord with the same load out as me (th/ss)
Rune priest with Jaws/ll
2 fangs (2 las 3 rockit)
two 10 men GH in rhino's with a few tricks
2  x 5 man squads in razzors (1 hb, 1 tllc).
o and 1 vennie dready!

So I deploy 1 empty rhino and he puts his rune priest squad in a rhino - we face each other at about 18 inches away from each other. He fails to steal the initiative and I move onto the board. 2 fang squads move into cover and the missile squad spread out on the board edge behind the TWC. Rhino's move up either side of the GW landing platform scenery from the spearhead release. I move up to it with the rhino's so should get some cover from his available shooting. (ll and the las). I immobilised his rhino with my las/back - which was a nice bonus!

He drops his venny on my right flank - tying up the fangs with templates. Im not sure I have the tools on that flank if he rolls well... Sadly for dave he didnt place the dready well (tho it was an awesome flamers shot, he left his rear armour open for a sneaky counter move by my other rhino squad). He shot and didnt do anything. He tried to Jaws my lord but I dispel it.

My scouts come on turn 2! bonus! and kills 1 of his fang squads (right in the middle of his zone!) They barely got the lascannons over the top of the barricade before the scouts got some sneaky licks in and sent them packing.

The game then resolves around getting the TWC charge on his squads being blown out of rhino's and Mutual destruction of both of our lords (we both got the points! yay us!)  I think it went to turn 6. I had 2 objectives and he had some immobile vehicles and a shot up dready (who was in combat from turn 2! after having his arms blown off by my GH rapid firing his rear end).

The writing was on the wall really. Scouts were going to be instrumental. They were (tho they did die to the other squad of fangs) I also had the first salvo of fang fire and got to deny a large area of his deployment with the threat of TWC. Other SW armies cant really compete with it. Even the really really shooty ones tend to only kill a few at best. The 11 S10 hits then tends to work thru the wolf banner so it can be useful - Its Heavy bolters that those boys dont like. Rockets? Love em! Lascannons? yea bring it on... Assault cannons make my butt hole explode in a vaporous cloud of arse leprosy. Funny what you start to worry about with the old Wolvies!

Another near full point win - I retire to the pub and sink a few beers with the boys from Spiky and My ETC team mate Rich Morgan. Happy days. Time to go battle it out for the gold. Turns out that Im playing Vanilla marines on the top table! ooo happy day. Looks like Im about to win. Finally! Now as long as I dont lose my head or have my dice crap out then Im golden. /Gulp

Monday, 31 January 2011

Cut @ Thrust: Game 1

Soo... Russ Rogers turns out to be a lovely American Guy - Too bad he had Grey Knights.
It is a shame when you come up against GK in this edition at an event. I want a hard game, not an exercise lifting feathers! The poor guy didnt really do anything wrong. Its just his book let him down (well mainly)

He had 
10 GK (justicar 2 incinerators+homer)
10 GK (juticar 2 psycannons+homer)

2 crusaders

termie squad with various upgrades
and a Grande master.
o and the S10 ap1 barrage thingy...

So it was  a very small force. Game was roll dice and tie in a pitched battle set up, I won the roll and decided to go second. He deployed 2 raiders and I deployed everything across from that (TWC up front) fangs in cover. I just popped my objective next to my RB - on the left flank - no point in hiding it. He put his next to his raiders (also in the middle of his zone)

He moved forwards and got out... both squads and ass cannons on the raiders shot at the TWC. I think I lost 3 wounds. Speading them out. That was all good tho - I could chew on the rest for lunch.

I charged and killed Squad psy with the TWC., moved up and rapid fired/ Murderous hurricaned the other. Fangs dropped lots of frags for the fun. best shot was about 7 guys! love taking down those poor fuckers with frags. What an inglorious end lol!

He then rotated BOTH Raiders to shoot at the TWC. Lost 2 guys I think. Fist and Boss didnt die. He charged his incinerator squad into mine and got killed. I moved up into melta range of the right hand side raider.

TWC lord left the squad and sat 8 inches away from both raiders. MG squad slagged one. Then the TWC charged the other raider (not moving - lol - one of his most obvious).

After all that his barrage and termies turned up near my objective. Barrage missed lots. Termies got fragged lots (termie death from frags in hilarious!) and then were charged by the TWC and lord (after a sacrificial LF squad held them up). He didnt have any models after my turn 4 so we called it. I couldnt kill his barrage so that was that - 1680 points to the good :-D

Poor guy didnt have a hope. He was a good guy. He packed up and looked at other games, I saw him by one table and said 'Thx again mate!' In the nicest possible way he said, 'Mike, Good game and all, But Fuck off!' 

Charming fellow :-P

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crusade @ Cut and thrust - 1 dayer at Bristol

So - My first event with the blog.

I will be taking Space wolves - They are after all my only real army and the one that I am going to be taking to the ETC (more on that another day)

Its the first Cut and Thrust event I have ever been to so I guess that I will have to tell you all about them as well as the BatReps when I get back.

The event is a 1750 no holds barred tournament. A few extra points to be played for aside from the missions that have already been announced (A very good thing. No silly combo's unlike the GCN doubles grumble grumble - but that is again - another story).

You can view the Cut and Thrust Website: - Here
And the rules pack can be found: - Here

They have even made the draw for the first round already - I'm playing some guy called Russ Rogers (honestly - I'm not making this up!)

Now out of the 40 strong field I know 12 of them pretty well. So I am bound to play at least 1 guy who I am familiar with.

The list I'm taking is as follows...

HQ - Rune priest,  Jaws of the world wolf and Murderous hurricane

HQ Wolf lord, Thunderwolf mount, Runic armour, Wolf tail talisman, Storm Shield, Thunderhammer


7 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, Power weapon, mounted in a Rhino

8 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, mounted in a Rhino

5 Grey hunters,  Meltagun,  mounted in a razorback with Lascannon/Twin linked plasma gun


5 wolf scouts,  Meltagun, Mark of the wolfen

3 Wolf guard, power fists,  combi-meltaguns


4 Thunder wolf cav, 1 Storm shield, 1 Powerfist + stormshield, 1 Melta bombs, 1 normal


5 long fangs,  4 missile launchers 

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon 

Comes in at 1 point shy 

Now this is a bit of an experiment list - Im thinking of not having Saga of the bear on the lord - He has not needed to use if in soo long as he just gets beaten in a more conventional manner. I also dropped the dogs - its probably going to be one or the other but I need to see how he does with out it.

Wolf scouts could get the last run out in a while... They have been warned :D

So wish me luck - Reps to follow

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wolf Scouts : End of the Affair

It is with a heavy heart that I write this article. This is my ‘Dear John’ letter to one of my greatest loves in the game – the humble wolf scouts.
Man, we had some fun times didn't we? All that rear armour… all those loota’s… you have saved pretty much every unit in the army with your timely arrival on the board edge.
So where did it all go wrong?  Why am I dropping the scouts?
  1. Cost -  yea, I know, they are a bargain. BUT to make the effective you need to have an idea what your going to be doing with them. Melta guns are almost obligatory but what about the other options? Pretty much everyone has a Wolf guard  leading the scouts – he is another 43 points (as he really needs a fist for those obliterators and a combi melta because  the melta scout didn’t get his accuracy badge or cant find anyone to sow it on his sleeve). Want some versatility? How about a MOTW?  Or a power weapon? Or both!  Plasma pistols? You can go nuts on the scouts. They can end up carrying much more than they will need in any one game. Or they can be cheap and not get the job done. The middle ground is hazy – plus I think someone just erected a tent in it…

  1. 1’s and 2’s – Everyone knows what I mean. Whenever I have a job that only the wolf scouts can accomplish, I roll the dice. They come on! I roll another dice. YAY! No mans land! <sigh> There is nothing worse! Now I know asking for a rule like snikrot’s is asking for the moon on a stick (or a badge at least) If they screw me over and pitch tent  in the only place where they cant do anything at all then it means I have wasted points. Before the scouts I have never liked anything placed in reserve, outflanking or anything else. It just seemed too easy to counter. Of course some things have gotten better (scouts and Baal’s spring to mind!) but I still cant shake the feeling that in a game of chance (like  40k) Anything I cant control is prone to biting me in the arse more than the Scout leaders conviction for stealing puppies from the back of a car.

  1. The game is up – Wolf scouts are great when the opponent isn’t very good at reading a threat.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet or make you feel foolish but when playing a game vs. the very good players my scouts rarely get the juicy targets at all.  The tendency to ‘bubble wrap’ vulnerable units is becoming endemic when your playing with Wolf scouts. By this I mean when an opponent keeps you more than 6 inches from a vulnerable vehicle or spread out along a board edge to stop you from legally entering the board. It takes pretty much no effort to deny the scouts from dealing a telling blow, meaning I waste time trying to kill off the bubble wrappers or just don’t get to do anything with the scouts. This also limits the effectiveness of the scouts. In a competitive event that you aim to do well in. You’re going to be playing decent players who will be able to counter this threat pretty easily so it’s not getting value for points in the game where you need it most!

 If anything the scouts have been too successful and not at all subtle – the cat (wolf) is out of the bag leaving me with 10% of my army not pulling its weight when I really need it.
Will it be the big Cyclical re-evolution of the units (who knew that drop pods would be making a come back – but with wolves it makes perfect sense!) What else can do the same job, but with more control?  Or it is just time to man up and keep plugging away at the board edge?

How do you run your Scouts?  What uses can they perform for you?

Jumping on the bandwagon

Now There's a suprise.

A blog.

A 40k blog - Whats 40k?

Oh... ok, well there is a little button somewhere on your browser that looks like a big arrow pointing to your left. I would suggest that you click and forget all about this 40k business.

'These are not the droids you are looking for'.

Still here? so you DO know what it is?         ( If not click here - we will be waiting...)

Glad your up to speed.

Well yes Its another 40k blog. Im glad we got this awkward first post out of the way.
I've often heard that starting a blog is easy but the first article can be pretty hard.

You want it to be awesome and thought provoking. you end up spurting your entire world view into about 6 lines or writing the boring half or war and peace and think 'Ye Gods, I am awesome!'

Then you realise that your not making any sense and that by some cruel twist of fate your actually losing visitors and your internet has been cut off.

Obviously that doesn't relate to me whatsoever. Focus is one of my many qualities. Talking crap is the other one. Sandwiched in the middle is my underwhelming prowess on the 6 x 4 gaming boards.

What gives me the right to talk about 40k? I play it. I love it. From passion springs creativity.
A word of warning though - its probably all total bollocks

What did Sarah Connor say to the foetal saviour of the human race? (yes he is actually the Emperor, didnt you know?)

 'Sarah: The hardest thing is deciding what I should tell you and what not to. Well, anyway, I've got a while yet before you're old enough to understand the tapes. They're more for me at this point... to help get it all straight'

Thats kind of it at the moment.
Jokes >check
Funny > check
vision > blurry
40k content > God give me a chance! Im trying to let you know how awesome I am.

Who said the first post was hard?

Thats right.


Told you I was right.