Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cut & Thrust Game 2

So - as expected I get to play someone who I know on this glorious Sunday. His Name is Dave and he recently lost the title 'Super Dave' to be just known as simply 'Dave' (well he was called the 'gamer previously known as Super Dave' but it didnt stick for some unknown reason).

Anyways. As the Picture suggests - One space wolf army gets F**ked by the other one. Listen closer my friends and I will tell you a tale of glory. Well actually... I will tell you this. Game was Dawn of War/3 objectives (1 on one side of the board 2 in the middle). I won the roll off.

What, do you want me to spell it out for you?

Ok here goes (jeez you SO demanding!)

He had (I think, sorry dave...)
TWC lord with the same load out as me (th/ss)
Rune priest with Jaws/ll
2 fangs (2 las 3 rockit)
two 10 men GH in rhino's with a few tricks
2  x 5 man squads in razzors (1 hb, 1 tllc).
o and 1 vennie dready!

So I deploy 1 empty rhino and he puts his rune priest squad in a rhino - we face each other at about 18 inches away from each other. He fails to steal the initiative and I move onto the board. 2 fang squads move into cover and the missile squad spread out on the board edge behind the TWC. Rhino's move up either side of the GW landing platform scenery from the spearhead release. I move up to it with the rhino's so should get some cover from his available shooting. (ll and the las). I immobilised his rhino with my las/back - which was a nice bonus!

He drops his venny on my right flank - tying up the fangs with templates. Im not sure I have the tools on that flank if he rolls well... Sadly for dave he didnt place the dready well (tho it was an awesome flamers shot, he left his rear armour open for a sneaky counter move by my other rhino squad). He shot and didnt do anything. He tried to Jaws my lord but I dispel it.

My scouts come on turn 2! bonus! and kills 1 of his fang squads (right in the middle of his zone!) They barely got the lascannons over the top of the barricade before the scouts got some sneaky licks in and sent them packing.

The game then resolves around getting the TWC charge on his squads being blown out of rhino's and Mutual destruction of both of our lords (we both got the points! yay us!)  I think it went to turn 6. I had 2 objectives and he had some immobile vehicles and a shot up dready (who was in combat from turn 2! after having his arms blown off by my GH rapid firing his rear end).

The writing was on the wall really. Scouts were going to be instrumental. They were (tho they did die to the other squad of fangs) I also had the first salvo of fang fire and got to deny a large area of his deployment with the threat of TWC. Other SW armies cant really compete with it. Even the really really shooty ones tend to only kill a few at best. The 11 S10 hits then tends to work thru the wolf banner so it can be useful - Its Heavy bolters that those boys dont like. Rockets? Love em! Lascannons? yea bring it on... Assault cannons make my butt hole explode in a vaporous cloud of arse leprosy. Funny what you start to worry about with the old Wolvies!

Another near full point win - I retire to the pub and sink a few beers with the boys from Spiky and My ETC team mate Rich Morgan. Happy days. Time to go battle it out for the gold. Turns out that Im playing Vanilla marines on the top table! ooo happy day. Looks like Im about to win. Finally! Now as long as I dont lose my head or have my dice crap out then Im golden. /Gulp

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