Monday, 31 January 2011

Cut @ Thrust: Game 1

Soo... Russ Rogers turns out to be a lovely American Guy - Too bad he had Grey Knights.
It is a shame when you come up against GK in this edition at an event. I want a hard game, not an exercise lifting feathers! The poor guy didnt really do anything wrong. Its just his book let him down (well mainly)

He had 
10 GK (justicar 2 incinerators+homer)
10 GK (juticar 2 psycannons+homer)

2 crusaders

termie squad with various upgrades
and a Grande master.
o and the S10 ap1 barrage thingy...

So it was  a very small force. Game was roll dice and tie in a pitched battle set up, I won the roll and decided to go second. He deployed 2 raiders and I deployed everything across from that (TWC up front) fangs in cover. I just popped my objective next to my RB - on the left flank - no point in hiding it. He put his next to his raiders (also in the middle of his zone)

He moved forwards and got out... both squads and ass cannons on the raiders shot at the TWC. I think I lost 3 wounds. Speading them out. That was all good tho - I could chew on the rest for lunch.

I charged and killed Squad psy with the TWC., moved up and rapid fired/ Murderous hurricaned the other. Fangs dropped lots of frags for the fun. best shot was about 7 guys! love taking down those poor fuckers with frags. What an inglorious end lol!

He then rotated BOTH Raiders to shoot at the TWC. Lost 2 guys I think. Fist and Boss didnt die. He charged his incinerator squad into mine and got killed. I moved up into melta range of the right hand side raider.

TWC lord left the squad and sat 8 inches away from both raiders. MG squad slagged one. Then the TWC charged the other raider (not moving - lol - one of his most obvious).

After all that his barrage and termies turned up near my objective. Barrage missed lots. Termies got fragged lots (termie death from frags in hilarious!) and then were charged by the TWC and lord (after a sacrificial LF squad held them up). He didnt have any models after my turn 4 so we called it. I couldnt kill his barrage so that was that - 1680 points to the good :-D

Poor guy didnt have a hope. He was a good guy. He packed up and looked at other games, I saw him by one table and said 'Thx again mate!' In the nicest possible way he said, 'Mike, Good game and all, But Fuck off!' 

Charming fellow :-P

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