Monday, 31 January 2011

Cut @ Thrust: Game 1

Soo... Russ Rogers turns out to be a lovely American Guy - Too bad he had Grey Knights.
It is a shame when you come up against GK in this edition at an event. I want a hard game, not an exercise lifting feathers! The poor guy didnt really do anything wrong. Its just his book let him down (well mainly)

He had 
10 GK (justicar 2 incinerators+homer)
10 GK (juticar 2 psycannons+homer)

2 crusaders

termie squad with various upgrades
and a Grande master.
o and the S10 ap1 barrage thingy...

So it was  a very small force. Game was roll dice and tie in a pitched battle set up, I won the roll and decided to go second. He deployed 2 raiders and I deployed everything across from that (TWC up front) fangs in cover. I just popped my objective next to my RB - on the left flank - no point in hiding it. He put his next to his raiders (also in the middle of his zone)

He moved forwards and got out... both squads and ass cannons on the raiders shot at the TWC. I think I lost 3 wounds. Speading them out. That was all good tho - I could chew on the rest for lunch.

I charged and killed Squad psy with the TWC., moved up and rapid fired/ Murderous hurricaned the other. Fangs dropped lots of frags for the fun. best shot was about 7 guys! love taking down those poor fuckers with frags. What an inglorious end lol!

He then rotated BOTH Raiders to shoot at the TWC. Lost 2 guys I think. Fist and Boss didnt die. He charged his incinerator squad into mine and got killed. I moved up into melta range of the right hand side raider.

TWC lord left the squad and sat 8 inches away from both raiders. MG squad slagged one. Then the TWC charged the other raider (not moving - lol - one of his most obvious).

After all that his barrage and termies turned up near my objective. Barrage missed lots. Termies got fragged lots (termie death from frags in hilarious!) and then were charged by the TWC and lord (after a sacrificial LF squad held them up). He didnt have any models after my turn 4 so we called it. I couldnt kill his barrage so that was that - 1680 points to the good :-D

Poor guy didnt have a hope. He was a good guy. He packed up and looked at other games, I saw him by one table and said 'Thx again mate!' In the nicest possible way he said, 'Mike, Good game and all, But Fuck off!' 

Charming fellow :-P

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crusade @ Cut and thrust - 1 dayer at Bristol

So - My first event with the blog.

I will be taking Space wolves - They are after all my only real army and the one that I am going to be taking to the ETC (more on that another day)

Its the first Cut and Thrust event I have ever been to so I guess that I will have to tell you all about them as well as the BatReps when I get back.

The event is a 1750 no holds barred tournament. A few extra points to be played for aside from the missions that have already been announced (A very good thing. No silly combo's unlike the GCN doubles grumble grumble - but that is again - another story).

You can view the Cut and Thrust Website: - Here
And the rules pack can be found: - Here

They have even made the draw for the first round already - I'm playing some guy called Russ Rogers (honestly - I'm not making this up!)

Now out of the 40 strong field I know 12 of them pretty well. So I am bound to play at least 1 guy who I am familiar with.

The list I'm taking is as follows...

HQ - Rune priest,  Jaws of the world wolf and Murderous hurricane

HQ Wolf lord, Thunderwolf mount, Runic armour, Wolf tail talisman, Storm Shield, Thunderhammer


7 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, Power weapon, mounted in a Rhino

8 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, mounted in a Rhino

5 Grey hunters,  Meltagun,  mounted in a razorback with Lascannon/Twin linked plasma gun


5 wolf scouts,  Meltagun, Mark of the wolfen

3 Wolf guard, power fists,  combi-meltaguns


4 Thunder wolf cav, 1 Storm shield, 1 Powerfist + stormshield, 1 Melta bombs, 1 normal


5 long fangs,  4 missile launchers 

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon 

Comes in at 1 point shy 

Now this is a bit of an experiment list - Im thinking of not having Saga of the bear on the lord - He has not needed to use if in soo long as he just gets beaten in a more conventional manner. I also dropped the dogs - its probably going to be one or the other but I need to see how he does with out it.

Wolf scouts could get the last run out in a while... They have been warned :D

So wish me luck - Reps to follow

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wolf Scouts : End of the Affair

It is with a heavy heart that I write this article. This is my ‘Dear John’ letter to one of my greatest loves in the game – the humble wolf scouts.
Man, we had some fun times didn't we? All that rear armour… all those loota’s… you have saved pretty much every unit in the army with your timely arrival on the board edge.
So where did it all go wrong?  Why am I dropping the scouts?
  1. Cost -  yea, I know, they are a bargain. BUT to make the effective you need to have an idea what your going to be doing with them. Melta guns are almost obligatory but what about the other options? Pretty much everyone has a Wolf guard  leading the scouts – he is another 43 points (as he really needs a fist for those obliterators and a combi melta because  the melta scout didn’t get his accuracy badge or cant find anyone to sow it on his sleeve). Want some versatility? How about a MOTW?  Or a power weapon? Or both!  Plasma pistols? You can go nuts on the scouts. They can end up carrying much more than they will need in any one game. Or they can be cheap and not get the job done. The middle ground is hazy – plus I think someone just erected a tent in it…

  1. 1’s and 2’s – Everyone knows what I mean. Whenever I have a job that only the wolf scouts can accomplish, I roll the dice. They come on! I roll another dice. YAY! No mans land! <sigh> There is nothing worse! Now I know asking for a rule like snikrot’s is asking for the moon on a stick (or a badge at least) If they screw me over and pitch tent  in the only place where they cant do anything at all then it means I have wasted points. Before the scouts I have never liked anything placed in reserve, outflanking or anything else. It just seemed too easy to counter. Of course some things have gotten better (scouts and Baal’s spring to mind!) but I still cant shake the feeling that in a game of chance (like  40k) Anything I cant control is prone to biting me in the arse more than the Scout leaders conviction for stealing puppies from the back of a car.

  1. The game is up – Wolf scouts are great when the opponent isn’t very good at reading a threat.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet or make you feel foolish but when playing a game vs. the very good players my scouts rarely get the juicy targets at all.  The tendency to ‘bubble wrap’ vulnerable units is becoming endemic when your playing with Wolf scouts. By this I mean when an opponent keeps you more than 6 inches from a vulnerable vehicle or spread out along a board edge to stop you from legally entering the board. It takes pretty much no effort to deny the scouts from dealing a telling blow, meaning I waste time trying to kill off the bubble wrappers or just don’t get to do anything with the scouts. This also limits the effectiveness of the scouts. In a competitive event that you aim to do well in. You’re going to be playing decent players who will be able to counter this threat pretty easily so it’s not getting value for points in the game where you need it most!

 If anything the scouts have been too successful and not at all subtle – the cat (wolf) is out of the bag leaving me with 10% of my army not pulling its weight when I really need it.
Will it be the big Cyclical re-evolution of the units (who knew that drop pods would be making a come back – but with wolves it makes perfect sense!) What else can do the same job, but with more control?  Or it is just time to man up and keep plugging away at the board edge?

How do you run your Scouts?  What uses can they perform for you?

Jumping on the bandwagon

Now There's a suprise.

A blog.

A 40k blog - Whats 40k?

Oh... ok, well there is a little button somewhere on your browser that looks like a big arrow pointing to your left. I would suggest that you click and forget all about this 40k business.

'These are not the droids you are looking for'.

Still here? so you DO know what it is?         ( If not click here - we will be waiting...)

Glad your up to speed.

Well yes Its another 40k blog. Im glad we got this awkward first post out of the way.
I've often heard that starting a blog is easy but the first article can be pretty hard.

You want it to be awesome and thought provoking. you end up spurting your entire world view into about 6 lines or writing the boring half or war and peace and think 'Ye Gods, I am awesome!'

Then you realise that your not making any sense and that by some cruel twist of fate your actually losing visitors and your internet has been cut off.

Obviously that doesn't relate to me whatsoever. Focus is one of my many qualities. Talking crap is the other one. Sandwiched in the middle is my underwhelming prowess on the 6 x 4 gaming boards.

What gives me the right to talk about 40k? I play it. I love it. From passion springs creativity.
A word of warning though - its probably all total bollocks

What did Sarah Connor say to the foetal saviour of the human race? (yes he is actually the Emperor, didnt you know?)

 'Sarah: The hardest thing is deciding what I should tell you and what not to. Well, anyway, I've got a while yet before you're old enough to understand the tapes. They're more for me at this point... to help get it all straight'

Thats kind of it at the moment.
Jokes >check
Funny > check
vision > blurry
40k content > God give me a chance! Im trying to let you know how awesome I am.

Who said the first post was hard?

Thats right.


Told you I was right.