Saturday, 29 January 2011

Crusade @ Cut and thrust - 1 dayer at Bristol

So - My first event with the blog.

I will be taking Space wolves - They are after all my only real army and the one that I am going to be taking to the ETC (more on that another day)

Its the first Cut and Thrust event I have ever been to so I guess that I will have to tell you all about them as well as the BatReps when I get back.

The event is a 1750 no holds barred tournament. A few extra points to be played for aside from the missions that have already been announced (A very good thing. No silly combo's unlike the GCN doubles grumble grumble - but that is again - another story).

You can view the Cut and Thrust Website: - Here
And the rules pack can be found: - Here

They have even made the draw for the first round already - I'm playing some guy called Russ Rogers (honestly - I'm not making this up!)

Now out of the 40 strong field I know 12 of them pretty well. So I am bound to play at least 1 guy who I am familiar with.

The list I'm taking is as follows...

HQ - Rune priest,  Jaws of the world wolf and Murderous hurricane

HQ Wolf lord, Thunderwolf mount, Runic armour, Wolf tail talisman, Storm Shield, Thunderhammer


7 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, Power weapon, mounted in a Rhino

8 Grey hunters, Meltagun, Mark of the Wolfen, Wolf standard, mounted in a Rhino

5 Grey hunters,  Meltagun,  mounted in a razorback with Lascannon/Twin linked plasma gun


5 wolf scouts,  Meltagun, Mark of the wolfen

3 Wolf guard, power fists,  combi-meltaguns


4 Thunder wolf cav, 1 Storm shield, 1 Powerfist + stormshield, 1 Melta bombs, 1 normal


5 long fangs,  4 missile launchers 

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon

5 long fangs, 3 missile launchers, 1 lascannon 

Comes in at 1 point shy 

Now this is a bit of an experiment list - Im thinking of not having Saga of the bear on the lord - He has not needed to use if in soo long as he just gets beaten in a more conventional manner. I also dropped the dogs - its probably going to be one or the other but I need to see how he does with out it.

Wolf scouts could get the last run out in a while... They have been warned :D

So wish me luck - Reps to follow

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