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Day 2 - Game 5 40KUKGT

 Sorry about the lapse (he says... this is still some kind of record! Blogging for the win!) 

Day 2
Game 5
Paul Burke - Blood Angels

This is the first time I have played Paul - a regular tournament winner and ETC player. The thing about Paul is that he has lots of success with lots of different armies. He can play with almost anything and do the business. To top it all off he is a great guy to play against. A true Gent. But the bastards bringing blood Angels! I hate BA. Well no, I hate mephiston. As all wolf players will attest he is a total fuck nugget. He can just walk straight thru your army. Along with Meph, Paul brought 5 flamer razorbacks, 5 squads of AM with claws/melta/infernus pistols. 2 flamer baals, 2 libby dreads with wings and shield roughly. So a fast close combat army that does its thing up close and personal. Much like my own force! (if you ignore the long fangs. please god ignore the long fangs!)

Mission was dawn of war and 5 objectives. Paul wins the set up and goes first. Great - he will be all over me by the time I get in postion. The table has 2 10 x 6 inch impasable los blockers in the middle of board about 18 inches in from each half. The rest is a few ruins. A good board for cover. 

Paul deploys meph behind one of the los blockers and turbos everything else on (the flamer baals go in reserve. I dont know why! They would have been much better in the thick of it with the rhinos. I deploy centrally and move up. Pauls next turn he keeps going forwards into the middle. Next turn everything is in my lines as I cant dispel a single wings :P

I move forward with everything and pop the guys out and try to deal with all these vehicles and dreads! I manage to knock of lots of weapons and kill a dread + 3 RB with my shooting. One squad gets to attack a squad that bailed from a RB and kill it. 
Turn3 sees meph and all the other squads combi charge my midfield push (including dread) It was always gonna happen. his baals come in - swiftly followed by my scouts which kill one. The big clusterfuck combat grinds on with him all over me. by my next turn Im still in it but 2 of my GH packs are desimated. Unfortunuately my priest dies to fearless wounds (all one of them) which free's paul up for his next turn. Could have done with holding them and then hitting everything else. Meanwhile my other squad kills a small unit and another RB. He only has 1 left at that time and its camping an objective + wont die. I try a cheeky jaws using lots of shenanigans to get into a rhino, back up. target a track on his RB and place the line into the close combat - would have been about 11 guys + meph but it doesnt work as he nulls it. 

I Secomb and he moves after my last big pack. He kills a few with shots which means I could get out of charge range! Then I had 1 more wound to allocate (a dead one - no cover) so it was either a pleb or the fist. I chose fist hoping that my untouched rockets could kill the dread if he doesnt roll a 5+ to get into the next nearest guy. But he does and I cant hurt it. Darn. Would have won me an objective at the least so I dont think its a bad call. AV13 with a fist isnt that good odds anyways. I throw everything I have near at hand to kill meph! The scouts come on and hit him and get him down to 3 wounds. Sadly he kills my RB with a meltagun and can wade in with the other squad a meph to stop my fist having a chance at the big guy. Thank god I have 2 little scoring units! Time is getting on and we both have 1 last turn to claim objectives. pauls last remaining 2 squads of about 2 each just miss out of claiming one of the objectives. My two squads are within range of 3 and seeing as I had last turn I could comfortably claim them and win myself the game! (Game ended!) A very close game. I had to bog him down and hope for the early finish. Which I managed. if I had another turn he would have lost all his troops, meph and the dread leaving him with his flamer baal and some mm attack bikes. Going second always pays off in Multi objectives! The VP's are about 100 points in his favour so its a great result vs the GT Champion Paul Burke - onto the next game! Its gonna be another good player you can guarentee that - shit!

15 - 5

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