Wednesday, 28 March 2012

40K...UK...The Tournament Podcast! day2 game 1


So we start the day in the worst possible way. The clocks have gone back but we are all up and about pretty early because of the unholy arse stink that 3 men make after 2 days of poor diet and beer. The most worrying thing I have ever heard was my bed-mate Ben saying 'o for god's sake I CANT GRIP ANYTHING! ' to which I dived out of bed, narrowed my eyes and asked 'What the hell are you gripping?' Turns out he was trying to open his diet coke to wash down pain killers. Made me giggle. We left the hotel waaaay to early - it is a shit hole and I really don't want to go back there (guess where I am staying for the Home nations event next month... Even the drug addled wouldn't risk cooking up in the stairwell of that place. (yuk) We get double brekkie and triple coffee and watch hung over gamers trickle thru the door.  Before the game started I managed to win a blood angels starter kit! I kept rolling my 40kuk dice and eventually become the winner! happy with the best spot prize. would have beaten the tervigon or drago models I saw later...

Game 4
Mike Marlow - DE

Mike was a great guy to play. He was a little bit ruined from the night before where he was downing pints and wind milling his genitals for the amusement of drunken men. Takes all sorts! The first thing he did was to give me a big hug! This was the first time I had played/met Mike, our paths just hadn't crossed before at an event. The big hug helped! He explained his hang over was 'epic' and that he wasn't ready for wolves this early in a KP game.
I was really happy to play DE in this game! it turned out to be spearhead and kill points which in theory should be an easy game to win. I won the the roll off and deployed giving him virtually no spot on the board he could avoid my fire. I had some close Los blockers and he had a few rocks and trees. The board had enough terrain to give him plenty of cover.

He decided to reserve. This gave me enough time to get where I wanted (which was really annoying!) He could further pick his best places when he came in.  I hugged the middle of the board with the los blockers and settled into the shooting gallery. He came on with about 2/3 of his army in the first turn (basically the same as Nath but with less blasters and wracks and some wytches instead) he killed 2 long fangs packs to 1 man each. not a good start. I need those! My next turn sore both these lone guys kill venom's! YAY! 1 scout comes on and kills assaults some blaster guys and I take a massive 6 - 0 lead in the game. I think everything just worked for that turn. He couldn't make any saves and I kept killing stuff. Was very nice and I must have sat back and cruised a little from such a fantastic first 'real' turn. He finished off a few more Fangs and such (his hellions were not on and didn't arrive to turn 5) and slowly started to crawl back while I managed to not really kill much else like the last turns. His flicker field saves were out of this world! It was just funny at the time as I thought Id got an unassailable lead. Turns out I was wrong.

I decided to go after some wytches who were moving up to my lines (after the GH had popped a few more more vehicles - well I say popped. Immobbed and weapons mainly. still winning by 5 tho at this point) I thought If I can get the charge on them then I would be pretty much unassailable so I push for them but don't kill them! This is where his Helions come in and kill a squad to some poison (including a priest) and become pretty nails in the result. after the hellions had charged 2 of my packs of GH I still hadn't managed to kill the last wythches so I didn't even trade off. I just got chopped down and the 2 single wytches lived while I lost quite a few KP.

The game went on to turn 7 where I was in full reversal! I knew what he could kill with his helions (2 immobs rhinos) and that would make it a draw. All I had to do was kill 1 more thing in my turn 7 before he did that to luckily escape a draw and keep the win. unfortunately my last 2 fangs didn't kill anything. Nor did my doomed razorback. Nor did my storm bolters kill either of the last remaining wythches. and NEITHER did my bloody double melta squad standing 2 inches away from a venom! I knew I was in trouble then but was sure I had enough kp in the bag. he basically only had bit of stuff lying around that just refused to die. the big pack of hellions were pretty much untouched tho (above half strength) he combi charged my rhino's/RB and got his 2 kp. We totted up to make sure we made no mistakes and lo and behold he had pulled it out the bag and got himself a draw. 11 each. I was left with my bottom lip shivering. 'what...? how...? surely? but? I had just taken my eye off the ball and chased a game that didn't need chasing. I think I was having too much fun with Mike to realise he was clawing his way back into it and I didn't help but chasing easy KP. Sometimes that just dice for you and I could not have asked for a nicer guy to play with! Mike was a blast. The VPS were about 100 points in my favour so it ended as a dead draw. I could have cried as the true horror set in. Id just thrown it away with a mixture of my own silly idea of putting the game to bed and his bloody flicker field saves.

10 - 10


  1. more tomorrow. Im a sad panda

  2. We've all been there and done that lad. At least you didn't throw it away completely. :P