Sunday, 8 April 2012

Final Game UKGT

Hey guys. Sorry its been a while and now its going to brief!

Game 6
Tau - Chris Green

First time I have played Chris (another Team England player) He is a really nice guy to play. He had me giggling on quite a few occasions at either his or my inability to do things properly (like kill stuff)

He had an etheral, 2 squads of big S10 suits. 3 x 3 squads of plasma/autocannon suits, kroot, pathfinders and a fish.

He takes first turn and I deploy 2 rhinos behind cover (just out of sight of the path finders thankfully!) he fails to kill them and I get to move everything on at a full rate! Everything goes 12! fangs get out and run. they have some nice angles! Rhino's head towards a big slab of los blocker. I pop smoke! He fails to kill me lots! He does nail one squad pretty hard but its still alive. My next turn the scouts dont turn up but I do try some cheeky jaws! Sadly im 1 inch out of range for the etherel. But a big suit guy falls down the hole. I kill a few drones. Next turn I need to kill that Etherel and my scouts need to come on.

Low and behold I kill the Etherel! sadly only 1 unit flees lol. Luckily the scouts come on chew kroot lines and kill other suits. The squads get into position and its just clean up time. He cant kill my rhinos and I cant chase him all game. I win and the game ends on turn 6. Chris took it like a champ. it would have been all over if he actually stopped my midfield push but if SW get there then its all over for the poor Tau. Also the Tempest wrath worked really well! Love it vs jumpers!

Game ended 18 - 2

So this got me my fourth place (which should have been 3rd place as I had the same amount of points as Tim Smith with a better VP difference but somehow I dropped points on the way even tho all my game scores were worked out by me to be these. I know the format and I can count. I suggest some data entry issues but what you gonna do! Its not like Im gonna get the trophy sent to me! lol Just would have topped off a great week end! I won best wolf player again! this is becoming a habit!

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  1. Nice reports dude, cheers for writing them. Hope you keep the great wolf play habit going strong ;).

    James R