Thursday, 17 February 2011

Next Army - what should I choose?

Well - the wolves are finally losing some of my initial love. Sure, they are super bad ass awesome. The rules and the models are top notch but I think that its time I move onto thinking about a new army.

Now Along with the space wolves army I also have quite a substantial Ork army and an Emperor's Children Chaos space marines army. Both of these armies were really made with 4th ed and new 5th ed idea's that dont really work out brilliantly in the game today. Water under the bridge really.

I used to play Guard back in 4th ed (They were the first army I used/played after getting back into the hobby via Mr Abnett's work) They were sold on Ebay for a reasonable price. Then back before my 4 year hiatus from 40k I used to play with craftworld Eldar. This was my first real army and it was good! Banshee's, scorpions, jetbikes, war walkers and a seer council (plus some dark reapers - I think Maugan Ra is repsonsible for me actually playing the game in the first place - that model looked amazing).

But I digress. What should I do next? Maybe I should increase my Wolf army with the intention to play 'counts as' and use it with the BA codex - The idea of a razorback army is appealing to me. Lots of Assault cannons. LOTS of them. Would it work? sure! Would it be the best? probably not... Im sure it would be fun tho.

I also miss playing with the Space marines - I toyed with them for a while but never really had as much fun as I should have. Things move on tho and those TH/SS termies do look the bollocks. I bloody hate these guys. I would instantly want 10. probably twice. If only the troops were even half way to decent. Tac marines and scouts are just laughable.

I would normally do the next codex (like I did with wolves) but they seem to be coming thick and fast these days (well, for GW anyway) So I might not bother with the Grey Knights. I would like to do Tau but I think that ship has sailed (commies...) Maybe wait til the end of the year and do Necrons - I imagine they will be the Shit in the new edition.

I can only think of one army that interests me at the moment - That army is Eldar. They are over costed and specialist - something which are handicaps (for me at least) when looking at my previous armies (yes, Noise marines cost too much!).

I have always loved the pointy eared gits.I hate playing against them even now. Maybe they should be the next army.

Anyone think of anything to dissuade me?

O yea and I promise that next post will be more humour based - this is just too dry!


  1. Play your space wolves as counts as for other marine codex to see what tickles your fancy...

  2. You're just prepping yourself mentally to jump on the bandwagon with Grey Knights. Admit it. :)

  3. I cant do it Neil! I am avoiding looking at any of it. £8 a shiny marine is beyond my lifestyle...